Why Would You Opt For a Root Canal?

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Why Would You Opt For a Root Canal

We know you don’t want to think about undergoing a root canal, but bear with us. Here’s why you should consider it. Damaged, broken, and badly infected teeth sometimes need to be extracted. Extraction, however, is not your dentist’s only tool for dealing with badly damaged teeth. Root canal therapy in Vaughan can eliminate the need for tooth extractions.

Root canal therapy has a reputation as painful and invasive. The real facts about root canal treatment near you, though, are very different. Modern technology and techniques have made root canal therapy virtually pain-free. Root canal therapy takes the pain of infected teeth away permanently.

What are root canals?

Teeth contain an anatomical feature called a pulp chamber. That chamber holds the living tissue of your tooth, including anatomical areas called root canals. Those root canals contain the blood vessels, connective tissues and nerves that feed and sustain a living and healthy tooth. A tooth’s interior is susceptible to infections caused by serious tooth decay, broken and damaged teeth that allow penetration by bacteria and even repeated dental work. An infected pulp chamber can lead to inflammation, swelling and even pus-filled abscesses.

A root canal procedure removes infected material from the inside of the tooth. Once the tooth is cleared and cleaned, your dentist in Woodbridge will seal the tooth with a substance called gutta-percha.

What are the benefits of undergoing a root canal?

Within two days of undergoing a root canal procedure at Vellore Woods Dentistry, you’ll be leading a normal life — pain-free. The root canal eliminates the infection and pain by relieving the pressure caused by the swelling in the pulp. Thanks to techniques and advances in technology the root canal procedure itself will be pain-free. Many people shrink from the thought of root canal therapy out of the fear of pain. Don’t let outdated and incorrect information deny you an effective treatment for a damaged tooth.

A root canal from a dentist in Vaughan can allow you to keep your natural tooth, smile, and eating habits. The only thing missing will be the pain and infection. If you’re a good candidate for root canal therapy, it can save you from unnecessary tooth extraction and the need to deal with a gap in your smile and consider tooth replacement options like bridges or implants.

Root canal therapy requires fewer follow-up appointments than a tooth extraction. When you factor in that you may not have to replace a tooth — and the value of your time — a root canal in Vaughan may be more economical than an extraction.

While you may be focused on your tooth pain, your dentist is concerned about the risk that infection in your tooth may spread through your jaw and perhaps into your brain. Your teeth are an essential and integrated piece of your anatomy. Root canal therapy effectively eliminates the risk of spreading infection.

What about the appearance of your infected tooth?

Has your tooth become discoloured as a result of your serious tooth infection? The bacteria that accumulates in the pulp of an infected tooth can turn your tooth black, brown, or yellow. That does not mean that you need to have that tooth extracted. Undergoing a root canal can effectively and permanently deal with infection, and a crown placed over the sealed tooth can solve the discoloration of your teeth.

You may ask whether teeth whitening is an option. Teeth whitening will not resolve tooth discoloration caused by infection. However, cosmetic concerns alone are not a reason to have your own, natural teeth permanently extracted. Painless root canal therapy combined with a natural-appearing crown renders that unnecessary.

If you’re dealing with a damaged or infected tooth, it’s important to consult with a dentist and to make decisions based on current and accurate information about all your options. Root canal therapy in Woodbridge may be a perfect solution that allows you to keep your own tooth. Contact a dentist near you to find out.