Root Canal Therapy in Vaughan, ON

Root Canal Therapy Near You

When it comes to understanding the procedure for root canal therapy, it is first important to discuss the anatomy of a tooth. Your tooth is comprised of multiple layers. The enamel is the outer layer of your tooth. The enamel protects the inner layer called dentin. On the inside of the dentin, there are pulp canals that make up the root canal system and consist of nerves and blood vessels.

When the pulp canal becomes injured or inflamed, this can cause damage. The pulp canal supplies nutrients to the root of your tooth, but when it no longer can, the root of your tooth may die or the entire tooth itself. Our dental clinic provides root canal therapy in Vaughan, ON, which serves to isolate the damage and prevent your tooth from dying.

Root Canal Therapy in Vaughan, ON

What Are Signs That You Need Root Canal Therapy?

When the root of your tooth is inflamed or damaged, you may experience symptoms. However, some patients don’t experience symptoms until it’s too late.

Contact your dentist, if you experience:

  • Pain in a particular area in your mouth
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • Pain when pressure is applied to the tooth
  • Pain when you wake up
  • Bumps that form near the affected area
  • Discolouration of the affected tooth
If you have any questions or would like to receive root canal treatment near you, please contact us.

What is the Procedure for Root Canal Therapy?

When you visit our dental office for root canal therapy in Vaughan, ON, your dentist will first need to examine your mouth and take X-rays. This helps them determine the shape of the root of your tooth and signs of infection in the surrounding bone.

To begin the procedure, your dentist will administer local anesthesia to numb the area near your tooth. Next, they will remove the pulp, decay, nerve tissue, and debris by drilling an access hole in your tooth.

After your tooth is thoroughly cleaned and washed out, your dentist will seal it with a custom crown. After the procedure has been successfully conducted, your tooth will function and feel normal again.

This preventive measure can save your tooth that would otherwise require extraction. Your dentist is highly experienced at performing this procedure and most patients describe this procedure to be less painful than receiving a filling.

Contact Vellore Woods Dentistry to schedule an appointment for root canal therapy in Vaughan, ON. We are happy to provide root canal therapy near you and various other dental procedures.