Five Under the Radar Benefits of Dental Implants

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five under the radar benefits of dental implants

Many of the primary benefits of dental implants are well known. They restore the appearance of your smile. They allow you to speak, eat, chew and bite naturally and without compromise. They’re a lifelong solution for tooth loss that reproduces the appearance and function of health and natural teeth exactly. Those aren’t the only benefits of dental implants, though. Here are five benefits of dental implants in Vaughan that get a lot less attention — until now.

Your diet and nutrition will improve

If you had to give up fresh fruits and vegetables and hard-to-chew food like red meat while living with missing teeth, your health and weight may have paid a steep price. Especially if you replaced those nutrient-rich foods with easier to chew pastas, puddings and the like. With implants, you’ll be able to eat fresh fruits and vegetables again. You’ll no longer have to sacrifice your health and diet, but will be able to eat every vitamin and mineral from A to Z.

Keeping implants clean will be second nature

Dentures are a common alternative to implants, but have a couple significant downsides — including that dentures need to be removed from your mouth and cleaned specifically and intentionally using unique steps and products. No special effort, action or products are required to keep your implants clean. All you’ll need to do is what you’ll naturally do anyway — right? Just brush your teeth and implants at least twice daily and floss around each tooth and along your entire gums daily.

Implants will keep your other teeth straight and in place

Teeth have a natural tendency to shift and twist into open space in your jaw — including space left in your jaw due to the loss or extraction of your teeth. The longer that you live with gaps in your jaw, the more likely that teeth on either side of the gaps will twist and shift into those spaces. All those unnatural changes deform the alignment of your teeth and change the shape and fit of your bite. Those deformations and changes can require orthodontic treatment to correct, and can complicate your ability to maintain good oral hygiene. The placement of implants to fill the gaps in your jaw will prevent those unnatural deformations of your bite and the alignment of your teeth.

They’ll strengthen your jaw and maintain the shape of your face

Your jawbone gradually loses bone mass and density following the loss of teeth because the removal of the teeth roots denies the bone the stimulation that it needs to stay healthy. The titanium posts used in dental implants are accepted by your jaw as natural tooth root tissue. Those titanium posts stimulate the production of new jaw bone growth to maintain the strength and function of your jaw — everything from helping you to chew, bite and eat to maintaining the shape of your face and avoiding the sunken look of premature age.

You won’t need to worry about replacing them

You can reasonably expect the titanium posts that form the base of your dental implants will last as long as your life. The abutment and restoration (crown, for example) attached to your titanium implant may need to be replaced after 15 to 25 years. That is a much longer lifespan than any of the common alternatives to dental implants. What does that mean? Fewer visits to a dentist near you and fewer appointments and invoices for new bridges, crowns, and dentures going forward.

If you think that dental implants may be the right solution for solving your tooth loss issues, contact a dentist in Vaughan to review your options and whether you are a good candidate for getting dental implants near you.