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different types of dentures

If you are about to get dentures in Woodbridge, you may be wondering what it is like to get them for the first time. Losing teeth is a part of aging that many people don’t expect. Your teeth have been a part of who you are for your entire life. It can be unnerving if you begin to lose them earlier than expected due to disease, trauma, or decay.

Don’t let the fear of dentures put you off from getting these useful dental restorations. With many advancements in dental technology and treatment, our team at Vellore Woods Dentistry is sure that there is a treatment option that will work for you!

Different Kinds of Dentures for Different Kinds of People

There are many types of dentures to suit each unique mouth. Everyone has different needs, depending on the number of teeth they have missing and the size and shape of their mouths.

Our dentist near you will work hard to find the right denture type for your needs. Different types of dentures all serve a similar purpose: restoring your smile and making speaking, eating, and daily life easier for you. Here are some of the most popular types of dentures offered at our dental office in Woodbridge.

All-On-Four Dentures

All-on-four dental implants allow for dental implants and dentures to be fitted with only a few implant posts. At our dental clinic near you, we work with some of the best dental surgeons in Woodbridge to place four to six implants in your jawbone. Then, we manufacture your new smile at a dental laboratory. These implants can support an entire arch of upper or lower teeth and provide you with a brand new smile!

Complete Dentures

If you opt for complete dentures near you, you will be provided with crowns for each tooth, set into an acrylic base. Our dentist will create a set of complete dentures at our dental clinic in Woodbridge that looks natural and fits comfortably in your mouth.

You will have to ensure that you clean your complete dentures daily with a special denture cleaning solution and a denture brush.

If you get complete dentures in Woodbridge, you will also need to look after your gum health by gently cleaning them and noting any sore areas. If your gums are sore, your dentures may need to be adjusted at our dental office near you.

Partial Dentures

If you only have a couple of teeth missing and many healthy teeth still present in your mouth, then our dentist in Woodbridge may recommend that you try partial dentures near you.

Partial dentures can be thought of as removable dental bridges. They remain in your mouth with the assistance of a retainer-like adhesive that is part acrylic base and part frame.

Just like complete dentures, if you get partial dentures in Woodbridge, you will have to remove them daily for cleaning and storage. Pay close attention to cleaning your gums underneath the partials and the teeth on each side.

Visit Vellore Woods Dentistry

If you are ready to get your smile back, contact our team at Vellore Woods Dentistry. We are happy to help you find the perfect dentures for your unique needs and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Dentures can be life-changing, so what are you waiting for? Contact us to book your appointment today!

We are pleased to WELCOME YOU BACK! We are practicing SAFE DENTISTRY!

Rest assured that we have taken steps above what was required. After all, your health is our highest priority. We are finally OPEN and look forward to seeing you again soon!


  • When we speak with you regarding your appointment, we will be asking you additional screening questions. Patients who exhibit any symptoms will need to postpone their treatment.
  • When you arrive to your appointment, please wait in your car until your appointment time and bring as little as possible into the office with you.
  • If you have a mask or face covering, we encourage you to wear one to your appointment.
  • We will ask that you sanitize/wash your hands with soap and water upon entering the office and before leaving.
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We want to assure everyone that our office takes the safety and health of our patients, their families, team members and doctors very seriously. Although our operations will be slightly different today than they were previously, we are excited to finally welcome you all back in a slow and safe manner.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of transition to the new normal.

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